Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow


The legend that is AX 201

The original Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, chassis number 60551 - known worldwide by its registration number AX 201 - is quite possibly the most travelled, as well as the most valuable car in the world.

The Silver Ghost was sold to a customer in 1908 and remained in private hands until the company bought it back in 1948. It had been owned since the turn of the century by Bentley Motors as part of the purchase of the Crewe Works by the VW Group. AX 201 is now once again in private hands, having been sold in January 2020. It will continue to reside in the UK and its future is now assured. The sale price has not been made public, but it is certainly the most valuable and the most wonderful car in the world. We are certain that it will not become a museum piece but will continue to be seen in public at selected events in the future.

The Silver Ghost was commissioned by Claude Johnson (often referred to as the hyphen in Rolls-Royce), Managing Director of the company. It is not only the most beautiful and spectacular car, it also a film star having appeared in the 1965 film Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.

The Barker-bodied 'Roi de Belges' Tourer was used in the 1907 Scottish Reliability Trials and immediately afterwards covered some 15,000 miles, being driven between London and Glasgow 27 times. During this time, with the exception of punctures, which were commonplace in the days before proper metalled roads, the car suffered only one involuntary stop - when a petrol tap was found to be in the off position!

AX 201 is technically the only car entitled to be called Silver Ghost. However, due to its success and fame, the term came to be used for all 40/50hp Rolls-Royces from 1907 until the introduction of the 40/50 Phantom in 1925.